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Walter Thirring - In Memoriam

A symposium on the occasion of his 90th birthday

Walter Thirring (April 29. 1927 - August 18, 2014) was one of Austria's most distinguished physicists during his long professional career. He made seminal contributions to many areas of physics and was a pioneer of modern mathematical physics. He was the founding president and first director of the Erwin-Schrödinger Institute for Mathematical Physics (ESI).



A preliminary list of speakers includes:

  • Otto Nachtmann (Universität Heidelberg): "From QED to the Quark Model: some highlights of Walter Thirring's contributions to particle physics"
  • Jan Philip Solovej (University of Copenhagen): TBA
  • Erling Størmer (University of Oslo): "Mapping cones of positive maps and separable states"
  • Jörg Teschner (DESY Hamburg): TBA


This event is organized with the support of the Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematics and Physics, the Association "Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics" and the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna.

Organizing committee: P. Chrusciel, C. Dellago, S. Fredenhagen, H. Grosse, A. Hoang, H. Narnhofer, W. Reiter and J. Yngvason.


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